Business Card Required

In this business environment a business card is essential.  The TIE Institute is on Slideshare and spell out the need for a good business card.  I cant count the number of times I have requested a business card from a representative.  Why would I have to request a card?  A card should be offered during the introductions.  Another mistake would be to be out of cards.  This indicates poor planning and a red flag.  I scan important cards into my smartphone. Business cards can be printed here.  It is important to make sure the cards are professional and clean.  A poorly put together card sucks.

Use Business Cards To Start The Fire

Some people say business cards are dead and while most would agree with that statement and begin to argue that their website is a better way of marketing their business, my question to those people would be, “How do you give prospects your site?”

The same people claim the professional connecting sites such as LinkedIn and other contact management apps have been the #1 cause for business cards to be obsolete. Again, what do you use to give people your LinkedIn site? Those people are wrong. deadbusinesscard-0410151

Don’t get it wrong though, business connecting sites such as LinkedIn, Ello, FullContact and and even can spread your business faster than a business card can, in my opinion, but you need something to start the fire, something in the form of paper and then the same paper to keep the fire going.

Push Your Business Forward And Travel With Business Cards

The cool thing about business cards is they are a great tool to use to begin your introduction to a potential client or to close your statement with a “checkmate.” As a business owner you should keep cards with you at all times as they serve their purpose and are heavily powerful and effective.

Not in your natural district? Maybe your business requires you to travel and you’d like to be productive while out of town because, after all, business doesn’t stop no matter where you are. Business cards take care of that problem. Kion’s Travel Tips offer some incredible information for while you’re out traveling and you can put these tips to good use when chatting with a stranger.

Remember: The business card is powerful and can be a highly effective ice-breaker, but just be sure you have them on you. There’s nothing more embarrassing than talking about who you are and your business and not having your business card when asked for it.

A Business Card Isn’t Always A Card

When we all think of business cards, we think of a small, 3.5 x 2 inch paper card with our name, sometimes home address, email address and other useful information to promote our business and what our services are.

When it comes to other people, such as Mark Dubowitz, executive director or a research group known as Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the business card could be in the form of your own website like with the work of your research team.

Don’t misunderstand, the typical, old-fashioned business card is still effective today and they are certainly more affordable to the everyday person than a website.

Business Cards Are A Crucial Investment In Any Profession

Business cards help businesspeople such as Adam Kutner present a good image on their business, company or services. You won’t see a professional or a businessman without their business card becausethey have low cost of production and printing, however the benefits are high, as they make a statement in the business world They can also help to enhance the personal image of a businessperson giving them a fantastic return on investment.

Adam Kutner, as mentioned before, is a highly successful attorney at law. Without alluding to Nevada, he wouldn’t have been as successful and one of the key weapons of his arsenal is the business card. Before beginning his career as a personal injury attorney, Mr. Kutner got his start in Las Vegas working as an insurance defense attorney. Having over 20,000 cases worked, Mr. Kutner is more prepared than his personal injury attorney competition.

Networking Free Business Card Template

Networking Free Business Card TemplateInterWeb Networking free business card template is the latest in our series or high technology business card templates. The corners are not actually round, but give the perception of rounded corners. The font used is Bank Gothic Light. This free business card template has a nice and large location for a company logo. Currently there is just a network cable in the center of the business card.

You can download this business card template for free without registering or signing up for anything.

View Full Size Template:

Networking Free Business Card Template

Download this business card template:

Download Networking Free Business Card Template

Customizing Your Business Card

If you don’t feel your business card is unique or tells an accurate story of what you do, then you need to consider changing the design. But if you’ve just invested in a thousand business cards, or if you’re stuck using boring company business cards, there are ways to dress them up and make them unique without having to spend a fortune.
Even though your personality is most important when it comes to forging business relationships, how your business card looks helps people remember who you are and what you do. Make the most of your business card by creating one that stands out from the rest.

Add Sparkle to Your Business Card

One of the easiest ways to add a little class and glamor to your business card is by using stickers found in any stationary store. For example, adding a gold star next to your name will attract attention. Depending on the type of business you’re in, adding a funny sticker can help make a dull business card more interesting.
Writing a funny or meaningful saying on the back of your business card is another way to attract attention. Make sure what you’re writing isn’t offensive to anyone, however. If attending a trade show or conference, people you give your business card to will receive a hundred just like it. Taking the time to personalize your card will be appreciated in many ways.

Creating a Business Card

If you have the opportunity to create your own business card, there are many designs to choose from these days. You can design your own card using your home computer and send the design off to your local printer or use an online company that will mail the cards to you. When designing a business card, consider the message you want to send. Adding a background image, using the same colors found in your logo or stationary, or using a clever phrase or slogan to grab people’s attention are all ways to create a one-of-a-kind business card.
In addition to designing your business card, you should also consider how customers will store your card. You could punch holes in the card so people can automatically add it to their Rolodex, you could create business card magnets so people can stick your card on the company refrigerator, or you could use bold colors so your card always stands out in the drawer they store business cards in. You have many possibilities to choose from when customizing a business cards.

Web 2.0 Free Business Card Template

Web 2.0 free business card templateWeb 2.0 Free Business Card Template – Web 2.0 is all the rage. As long as you use nice gradients, rounded corners, round fonts, and nothing sharp, you’re part of the “in” crowd. Today marks that day for me!

This free business template will definitely be a hit with all of your hip friends in San Francisco. Download this template today, edit it in Photoshop, change the text to meet your needs (it’s Arial), and get them printed!

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Web 2.0 free business card template

Download this business card template:

Download Web 2.0 free business card template

Deep Sea Productions – Free Business Card Template

Deep Sea Productions free business card templateDeep Sea Productions – Released today is Deep Sea Productions. This has been one of my favorite business card templates to create because it is so unique. The scene is an underwater sanctuary in which fish, plants and your business coexist. This would be the perfect business card for a pet store, deep sea diving expedition company, deep sea fishing company, scuba gear sales, or any other line of business that deals with the ocean and/or fish.

This free business card template uses only the Harrington font. It is highly customizable as all of the Adobe Photoshop layers and paths are available to edit, duplicate or remove. Please download and use this template in any way you would like to. We can provide editing services for a nominal fee.

Included in this package:

Deep-Sea-Productions.psd – Full Adobe Photoshop file with layers.
Deep-Sea-Productions.jpg – JPG file for easy viewing and printing.

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Deep Sea Productions free business card template

Download this business card template:

Download Deep Sea Productions

Country Club Free Business Card Template and Logo

Country Club Free Business Card TemplateGreenfield Country Club – Here is our second free business card template that also includes a logo. The Greenfield Country Club uses an Adobe Photoshop custom shape for an logo with the “GCC” lettering below it. Included in the download file are both the free business card template and the logo.

This golf course business card uses Copperplate and Goudy Old Style fonts. Both are standard fonts. You can edit this business card to fit your liking, or we can do that for you for a minimal fee.

Included in this package:

Country-Club.jpg – Viewable JPG picture file for quick viewing.
Country-Club.psd – Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers available to do your own editing.

Country-Club-Logo.psd – Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers available to do your own editing.

View full size template:

Country Club Free Business Card Template

Download this business card template:

Download Country Club Free Business Card Template