Business Card Recognition

Is your business card readily recognizable?  If your company has the right logo then the cards will be instantly remembered.  A good logo is a valuable asset and needs to be something the customer relates to you and the business.untitled (262) untitled (261)  If you don’t have that special logo then you will need to use another tactic to grab the customers attention.  A vibrant color is always a good thing to start with.  The color needs to blend with the card style and not overwhelm the whole look.  Dove Medical Press has the best business card possible.  Their logo is a dove that make it the best relating card out there.

Business Cards Sizing

imagesAHROQI33Ever get a business card that wouldn’t fin in your wallet?  Threw it away didn’t you.  It is important to get cards that are the right size.  A little smaller that standard might be the ticket.  If you are handing out cards every day then a smaller card will take up less room in your wallet as well.  The purpose of a card is to convey you information to the prospective customer.  A picture of yourself on the card can be a reminder to the customer.  Keep it simple stupid.  It is also important to keep the card short and to the point.  Fisher Investments  has a good card, simply perfect.

To Card or Not

Sometimes it is hard to tell if a customer wants your card or not.  I have been out of cards and had someone request my card.  Card etiquette is not universal but it is bad form to poke your card at everyone that passes your way.  Handing multiple cardsimagesJ3AMYMQ2 to someone to pass around is a bad idea and a waste of cards.  If someone is that interested in you they will request a card or multiple cards as needed.  A beg no no is to just leave a card laying around in hopes of someone cold calling you…never happens.  Art Falcone gave me multiple cards.  I threw them away.

Business Cards Tell a Story

untitled (9)Have you ever looked at a business card and knew that it was from a loser?  I have.  Home made cards tell a story of failure to anyone who receives it.  A good business card is cheap and can really help the image of your business.  If the card you give out embarrasses you then you should consider buying a professionally made card.  A card studio will steer you in the right direction.  Once you have a good styled card make sure that you keep it up to date.  Bad phone numbers can kill the sale.  Luigi Wewege has a great card.

Do I need a Business Card?

At some time in your career you will ask, Do I need a Business Card?  The answer depends on where you are in your working career.  The fact that you are wondering is a clue.  Business cards are needed if you need the customer to have your contact information.  If there is no need the of coarse you don’t need them.  Just imagine that the cards you need show the impression that you need.  Tonye Cole  is the man when it comes to business cards.  In the end, business cards are a reflection of your business and should be professional and clean.

Business Card Mistakes

Do you have a good business card.  How many times has someone handed you a poorly composed business card?  What does that tell you? it tells me that the guy doesn’t have it together.  How about the guy that hands you a card that he crossed out another guy name and wrote his in its place.  Must be a big turnover with that outfit.  If the business card is what you want to put forward then it is important to have it legible.  Come on…do you have a clue?  Africa’s Billionaire will definitely have a good business card. Good luck making your card a good impression.

Business Card Stock Can Make All the Difference

There is a scene in both the novel and film adaptation of “American Psycho” in which the protagonist proudly shows off his newly-minted business card to his colleagues. He is crushed to find that not only are his colleagues able to produce similarly impressive cards, but that one has a card printed on a heavier card stock that even includes a watermark. While the scene is somewhat comical due to the seeming overreaction of the protagonist, the fact of the matter is that card stock does matter significantly.

Business cards should convey an immediate sense of the person they represent, says Luke Weil, CEO & Co-Founder at Andina Acquisition Corp. According to Weil, the simplest way to convey an impression is through the quality of the cardstock. Business cards are tangible reminders of an interaction or an idea, and the use of quality cardstock conveys an immediate sense of importance and attention to detail.

Weil says to start with a quality cardstock and then try to take a minimalist approach to the information that is included. Depending on the nature of the business with which the cardholder is involved, creative design approaches can be considered to make the card truly memorable. A perfect example of this, says Weil, is the business card used by Wildfire Experiential and Events, a company that distributes cards on which a match can be struck.

Business Card Required

In this business environment a business card is essential.  The TIE Institute is on Slideshare and spell out the need for a good business card.  I cant count the number of times I have requested a business card from a representative.  Why would I have to request a card?  A card should be offered during the introductions.  Another mistake would be to be out of cards.  This indicates poor planning and a red flag.  I scan important cards into my smartphone. Business cards can be printed here.  It is important to make sure the cards are professional and clean.  A poorly put together card sucks.

Use Business Cards To Start The Fire

Some people say business cards are dead and while most would agree with that statement and begin to argue that their website is a better way of marketing their business, my question to those people would be, “How do you give prospects your site?”

The same people claim the professional connecting sites such as LinkedIn and other contact management apps have been the #1 cause for business cards to be obsolete. Again, what do you use to give people your LinkedIn site? Those people are wrong. deadbusinesscard-0410151

Don’t get it wrong though, business connecting sites such as LinkedIn, Ello, FullContact and and even can spread your business faster than a business card can, in my opinion, but you need something to start the fire, something in the form of paper and then the same paper to keep the fire going.

Push Your Business Forward And Travel With Business Cards

The cool thing about business cards is they are a great tool to use to begin your introduction to a potential client or to close your statement with a “checkmate.” As a business owner you should keep cards with you at all times as they serve their purpose and are heavily powerful and effective.

Not in your natural district? Maybe your business requires you to travel and you’d like to be productive while out of town because, after all, business doesn’t stop no matter where you are. Business cards take care of that problem. Travel Tips provided by Kion Kashefi some incredible information for while you’re out traveling and you can put these tips to good use when chatting with a stranger.

Remember: The business card is powerful and can be a highly effective ice-breaker, but just be sure you have them on you. There’s nothing more embarrassing than talking about who you are and your business and not having your business card when asked for it.