Don’t Need No Stinking Cards

If you are in sales and don’t think you need business cards you are sadly mistaken. images765JDXUQ The business card is your friend and they can be had cheap.  The small investment will pay off as people will not remember you without them.  I have been the customer that requests a card and the salesman doesn’t have them.  imagesYXZYR5PII view the lack of business cards as a negative and would rather work with a more established salesman.  If you plan to be successful in business then get those business cards made up and keep plenty on hand.  Kimra Bettasso has business cards and would not be without them.

Deep Sea Productions – Free Business Card Template

Deep Sea Productions free business card templateDeep Sea Productions – Released today is Deep Sea Productions. This has been one of my favorite business card templates to create because it is so unique. The scene is an underwater sanctuary in which fish, plants and your business coexist. This would be the perfect business card for a pet store, deep sea diving expedition company, deep sea fishing company, scuba gear sales, or any other line of business that deals with the ocean and/or fish.

This free business card template uses only the Harrington font. It is highly customizable as all of the Adobe Photoshop layers and paths are available to edit, duplicate or remove. Please download and use this template in any way you would like to. We can provide editing services for a nominal fee.

Included in this package:

Deep-Sea-Productions.psd – Full Adobe Photoshop file with layers.
Deep-Sea-Productions.jpg – JPG file for easy viewing and printing.

View Full Size template:

Deep Sea Productions free business card template

Download this business card template:

Download Deep Sea Productions

House Of Antiques Free Business Card Template

House of AntiquesHouse of Antiques – After a long delay, I’m pleased to release House of Antiques. House of Antiques is a free business card template that is based on a brown background with a black vignette. The font used is Zapfino, a nice cursive font. This business card template is available to download free.

You are welcome to download and edit this template to fit your needs. If you would like it customized, we can handle that for a minimal fee.

Included in this package:

EMT-Business-Card.jpg – Viewable JPG picture file for quick viewing.
EMT-Business-Card.psd – Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers available to do your own editing.

View full size template:

House of Antiques

Download this business card template:

Download House of Antiques