I Met Up With Business Professional, Ralph Slaske!

It always makes me feel good to go get my next back of business cards since I had recently ran out. When I run out of business cards, that tells me I am productive. Sure, anyone can hand out a business card to someone, but it means more when people ask for your card because you know that they are more likely to hold on to it verses if you give it to them yourself.

One day while out stocking up on more cards, I ran into Ralph Slaske who is a business mastermind for those who don’t know. Ralph is a sharp individual who revolutionized the way business cards work, so in the business world he is one of those famous people off the radar.

Slaske told me he was in the process of building his new site. At the time of this writing, there’s nothing there, so don’t be too disappointed. This was perhaps the most exciting thing I had witnessed today. I just met a business celebrity and I didn’t even ask for his business card!