Randi Glazer Offers Expert Insight Regarding Business Security

When the subject of security is raised with regard to a business and its long-term goals, there tends to be a varied understanding of what exactly the term is specifically referring to. After all, Randi Glazer has often noted that the term “security” has many different definitions and connotations that can cause confusion if the specific meaning of the term is not delineated among those using it in any kind of business discussion.

Glazer, an insurance professional who has specialized in underwriting and consulting work, makes a point when performing her professional responsibilities to always clearly define any term that possesses the potential for ambiguity for this specific reason.

In this particular instance, Glazer is referring to the stability of a company with regard to its long-term viability in its industry. In creating a secure future for their business, the company’s leadership team must ensure that a mission has been clearly defined and that short- and long-term goals are in place so that growth is consistent and enables a business to reach its full potential.