6 Tech Conferences You Want to Make Sure You’re Handing Your Business Cards Out at This Year

Saleh Stevens
If you are in the tech space, you need to attend conferences. The technology industry evolves fast; if you miss out on the information that leaders share at conferences, you’ll soon find yourself running at the back of the pack. Stay in the front where you belong by attending — and networking throughout — at least two conferences per year. Here are the top tech conferences, in my opinion, that we’ll see in the next year.

Google I/O Conference
When it comes to technology, Google is well-regarded as one of the most innovative, progressive companies existing in the world today. In recent years, the Google I/O (which stands for input/output) conference has focused on the development of Chrome, Chrome OS, and the App Engine. This annual developer’s conference first started in 2008. This year, it will take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California from May 8th to the 10th.

Worldwide Developers Conference
An annual event hosted by the executives at Apple, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) draws together some of the world’s top mind in tech. Traditionally, this event is software focused. We can expect that this year’s speakers will reveal the cutting-edge developments in macOS, as well as the latest on the Apple TV digital media player (tvOS). This is an excellent conference for those interested specifically in Apple products. But you don’t have to be interested in Apple exclusively. By going to this conference, you are sure to interact with leaders in the tech industry, because Apple is such a top-tier brand. Take advantage of this by being ready to engage with brilliant minds. You may want to research Apple’s latest innovations before you go so that you have a talking point to start out with.

The MobileBeat conference is an annual event that dives into the tech that supports the mobile world. This year, there’s going to be a heavy focus on AI, which is infiltrating mobile phone design and affects the way that consumers and marketers relate to phones. This years event will take place in Las Vagas, from March 12th to 15th.

The Collision Conference is America’s fastest growing tech conference, for good reason. This powerhouse of an event attracts investors, CEOs, tech innovators, and media professionals from more than five thousand different companies. It has an international audience, so attendees can connect with professionals from over 100 different countries. The conference started just two years ago, and the growth is a testament to the value that it offers to guests. Speakers scheduled for this year’s conference include Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, and Marc Mathieu, CMO of Samsung Electronics. The 2018 conferences will take place in New Orleans. Tech experts such as Saleh Stevens highly recommend this event.

TechCruch Disrupt
At TechCruch Disrupt, attendees will have the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and innovators. This conference has a reputation for specializing in tech startups. Early stage startup companies that participate in the conference compete for a fifty thousand dollar prize that comes along with a good deal of publicity. Because of this, the conference draws many start-up companies as well as investors — which can mean new partnerships in the making! If you have a tech start-up, this might be a great place to meet potential investors as well as fellow inventors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

Future Festival
Jeremy Gutsche, New York Times best-selling author and CEO of Trend Hunter, says that Future Fest is “a place for the world’s top innovators to prototype their future”. Just going to this conference will change the way you view yourself and your tech skills. When you associate with the forward-thinkers of the world, you gain a new perspective. Saleh Stevens states that this is one of the most life-changing tech events that he has attended. One CEO attendant raved that the conference “created opportunities for our team and expanded our people’s thinking.” If that sounds like something you are interested in for you and your team, be sure to book tickets to one of Future Festivals events this year. There are several, so you can choose the date and location that works best for you.

Saleh Stevens recommends that when you attend a conference, make sure to go out of your way to introduce yourself to the people around you. Don’t hide away in your hotel room after the lectures are over. Interact and take full advantage of each scheduled activity. Be sure to pack plenty of business cards for handing out. You never know who you might connect with in this way.

Green Energy Marlon Kobacker Explains Healing Concrete Benefits

energy photo

Concrete is a very important construction material used for roads, bridges and buildings just like how the business card is a key building component to building your business. One of the primary weaknesses of concrete is that its rigidity may lead to cracks. Learn how Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker can help you use “healing concrete” for your next building project.

Water seepage into concrete can turn an “anthill into a mountain” or more specifically a “divot into a sinkhole.” The water can leak into the steel girders and cause them to rust, weakening the structure. Henk Jonkers of the Netherlands Delft University of Technology has an answer: “We have invented bioconcrete — that’s concrete that heals itself using bacteria.”

Henk continued: “We are combining nature with construction materials.” He has combined bacillus bacteria with calcium lactate to create capsules to add to the wet concrete mix. When it rains, the moisture will active the bacteria, which will create limestone. The limestone repairs the concrete material.

For other natural building solutions, clients are turning to the Eco-Friendly Sustainability Expert Marlon Kobacker. Organizations can now create better, more eco-friendly solutions by using the latest green construction materials. Save money and love the Mother Earth at the same time.

Don’t Need No Stinking Cards

If you are in sales and don’t think you need business cards you are sadly mistaken. images765JDXUQ The business card is your friend and they can be had cheap.  The small investment will pay off as people will not remember you without them.  I have been the customer that requests a card and the salesman doesn’t have them.  imagesYXZYR5PII view the lack of business cards as a negative and would rather work with a more established salesman.  If you plan to be successful in business then get those business cards made up and keep plenty on hand.  Kimra Bettasso has business cards and would not be without them.

Business Card Color

Choosing the color for your business card is important. If you chose a bright feminine color you may risk turning off the serious customer. You would want to go with a basic white or neutral color that doesn’t make your card a eye sore. If you want to add a splash of color then a background imageuntitled (24) images9362YBD4 could work but once again you want the card to read business like.  If I see a fancy card it really tells me that the business is silly and may be a red flag.  Co-Founder and CEO Luke Weil will always go for the business with the serious business card.

Card means Business

Have you ever asked for a card and was told they don’t have one?  What does that tell you? imagesGHSCU6G8 images (33) It tells me that the salesman isn’t ready for business.  If you can’t even have a business card printed what kind of business do you expect to conduct?  How about the idiot that hands you someone else’s card with the name hand written.  Tells me he is not serious.  Luke Weil has cards and is ready for business. get your cards and don’t be caught not ready for business.  I always have extra cards on me as I hate being caught without.  It is not a sign of a busy salesman, but an unprofessional act.

Business Cards, Print your Own?

I know we all need to save money when we can in our business dealings.  Business cards can be expensive depending on how fancy to design them.  Anything not rectangular can be very expensive and the more colors to more the cost.  You may want to print your own.  untitled (305) untitled (304)The advantages of printing your own cards are many.  You can print them as needed so you don’t have to have so many on hand.  If there is a change on the card that is needed you can make it for little cost and have them immediately.  The cards can change to suit the customer.  If you are trying to land a particular client you can customize a card to appeal to that particular customer.  Dove Medical Press card can have a medical theme.

Business Card Recognition

Is your business card readily recognizable?  If your company has the right logo then the cards will be instantly remembered.  A good logo is a valuable asset and needs to be something the customer relates to you and the business.untitled (262) untitled (261)  If you don’t have that special logo then you will need to use another tactic to grab the customers attention.  A vibrant color is always a good thing to start with.  The color needs to blend with the card style and not overwhelm the whole look.  Dove Medical Press has the best business card possible.  Their logo is a dove that make it the best relating card out there.

Business Cards Sizing

imagesAHROQI33Ever get a business card that wouldn’t fin in your wallet?  Threw it away didn’t you.  It is important to get cards that are the right size.  A little smaller that standard might be the ticket.  If you are handing out cards every day then a smaller card will take up less room in your wallet as well.  The purpose of a card is to convey you information to the prospective customer.  A picture of yourself on the card can be a reminder to the customer.  Keep it simple stupid.  It is also important to keep the card short and to the point.  Fisher Investments  has a good card, simply perfect.

To Card or Not

Sometimes it is hard to tell if a customer wants your card or not.  I have been out of cards and had someone request my card.  Card etiquette is not universal but it is bad form to poke your card at everyone that passes your way.  Handing multiple cardsimagesJ3AMYMQ2 to someone to pass around is a bad idea and a waste of cards.  If someone is that interested in you they will request a card or multiple cards as needed.  A beg no no is to just leave a card laying around in hopes of someone cold calling you…never happens.  Art Falcone gave me multiple cards.  I threw them away.

Do I need a Business Card?

At some time in your career you will ask, Do I need a Business Card?  The answer depends on where you are in your working career.  The fact that you are wondering is a clue.  Business cards are needed if you need the customer to have your contact information.  If there is no need the of coarse you don’t need them.  Just imagine that the cards you need show the impression that you need.  Tonye Cole  is the man when it comes to business cards.  In the end, business cards are a reflection of your business and should be professional and clean.