Don’t Need No Stinking Cards

If you are in sales and don’t think you need business cards you are sadly mistaken. images765JDXUQ The business card is your friend and they can be had cheap.  The small investment will pay off as people will not remember you without them.  I have been the customer that requests a card and the salesman doesn’t have them.  imagesYXZYR5PII view the lack of business cards as a negative and would rather work with a more established salesman.  If you plan to be successful in business then get those business cards made up and keep plenty on hand.  Kimra Bettasso has business cards and would not be without them.

Business Card Color

Choosing the color for your business card is important. If you chose a bright feminine color you may risk turning off the serious customer. You would want to go with a basic white or neutral color that doesn’t make your card a eye sore. If you want to add a splash of color then a background imageuntitled (24) images9362YBD4 could work but once again you want the card to read business like.  If I see a fancy card it really tells me that the business is silly and may be a red flag.  Co-Founder and CEO Luke Weil will always go for the business with the serious business card.

Card means Business

Have you ever asked for a card and was told they don’t have one?  What does that tell you? imagesGHSCU6G8 images (33) It tells me that the salesman isn’t ready for business.  If you can’t even have a business card printed what kind of business do you expect to conduct?  How about the idiot that hands you someone else’s card with the name hand written.  Tells me he is not serious.  Luke Weil has cards and is ready for business. get your cards and don’t be caught not ready for business.  I always have extra cards on me as I hate being caught without.  It is not a sign of a busy salesman, but an unprofessional act.

Country Club Free Business Card Template and Logo

Country Club Free Business Card TemplateGreenfield Country Club – Here is our second free business card template that also includes a logo. The Greenfield Country Club uses an Adobe Photoshop custom shape for an logo with the “GCC” lettering below it. Included in the download file are both the free business card template and the logo.

This golf course business card uses Copperplate and Goudy Old Style fonts. Both are standard fonts. You can edit this business card to fit your liking, or we can do that for you for a minimal fee.

Included in this package:

Country-Club.jpg – Viewable JPG picture file for quick viewing.
Country-Club.psd – Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers available to do your own editing.

Country-Club-Logo.psd – Adobe Photoshop PSD file with layers available to do your own editing.

View full size template:

Country Club Free Business Card Template

Download this business card template:

Download Country Club Free Business Card Template